Dr. A Mahadevaiah M.B.B.S., D.A.B.O (USA)

He is the founder Surgeon and Senior consultant at this Centre. All his ENT training was in USA and after passing the American Board of Otolaryngology in 1968, he returned to India in 1970. He has performed more than 35000 surgeries for cases of chronic otitis media and about 5000 cases of otosclerosis since 1971 with excellent results. And he is a pioneer in Rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery) and Skull Base surgery. Also he has popularized the microscopic functional sinus and nasal surgery.

Dr.Kumaraswamy M.B.B.S., D.L.O, D.N.B

Dr.Kumaraswamy finished his graduation and post graduation in ENT from prestigious Bangalore medical College in 2001. He has been trained by none other than Dr. A. Mahadevaiah the doyen of ENT. He worked with him forthe last 20 years. Dr. Kumaraswamy is a Recipient of many awards . he was awarded gold medal in temporal bone dissection conducted by indian society of otology fellowship in france , where he was trained by a great surgeon pof Andrew sultan, He was part of indo-korean Exchange programme, were he was trained by Dr. Jung in Rhinoplasty.He has been faculty in various otology workshops all over the country.

He has been Regularly organising temporal bone dissection workshops at Basavanagudi ENT care centre and training young ENT surgeons & post graduates from all over INDIA and middle east countries. He is a honorary faculty in the department of Pediatric ENT at Indira Gandhi institute of child health, He is a Visiting Skull base Surgeon at NIMHANS, He is a visiting ENT surgeon to various ENT hospitals in South India. He has performed more than 10 thousand ENT Surgeries with excellent results. He is working towards making quality ENT care affordable & Accessible to all strata of society.

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