Basavanagudi ENT Care Centre is one of the recognised ENT institute and referral centre, started in 1976 by Dr. A. Mahadevaiah.

Patients have been referred from all over India, Middle East and Saarc countries for the expert opinion and for surgical management of difficult ear disease conditions, skull base surgery and cosmetic surgery of the Nose.
Our services
•         General ENT problems
•         Laser for ENT surgery
•         Cochlear implant surgery
•         Head and neck surgery
1. Sudden hearing loss – An otologic Emergency.
It is fairly common condition. sudden hearing loss with or without giddiness and tinnitus (ringing) in any age group. Most of the time in children hearing loss will not be known. It is usually detected by chance when some body talks in the affected ear or does not hear the telephone voice.
2. Meniere’s Disease (Vertigo or Giddiness and Hearing loss)
Patients come with episodic vertigo,fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and occasional pressure in the affected ear. The cause of this disease is not known. Several theories have been mentioned in the literature. In my experience this disease occurs mostly in urbanites who have lot of anxiety and stressful life at work place and home.
3. 3. Temporomandibular (Jaw) Joint disease (Syndrome): - Number one cause for headache in humanity.
TMJ syndrome is a very common condition seen in every day practice and I consider this is no. 1 cause of headache in humanity. Every day I see 8 to 10 patients in OPD and I have recognized the seriousness of this condition way back in 1973 when patients were coming to me with earache and headache after few months of ear surgery without any problem in the ear related to surgical intervention. And to my surprise, I found that they were all chewing all the time in the unoperated ear with fear of pain in the operated side.
Surgical Management
Surgery is indicated in cases when the conservative and injection therapy which fail to relieve pain and other symptoms
Latest Technologies
Our goal is to work for the best dental health of each person who comes to us for care.
Surgical procedure
Removal of damaged articular disc and interposition of autogenous free graft (conchal cartilage) or alloplastic implant (silastic sheet or Goretex)
Mandibular high condylectomy (rarely).